Passing of Ram the miniature Brahma Bull


On Saturday, September 17th., 2016, our friend and father of the herd, Ram, quietly left his body after being down for 23 days. He had advanced arthritis at the age of 20, and could no longer stand up. We all took care of him by rolling him over every 4 to 6 hours and feeding him his favorite treats, ferns, apples, and grains. During his last four days, he stopped drinking water and eating. Just as he took his last breath, he nudged his head into Mike who was holding him. He will be sorely missed here on the Higher Taste Rescue Ranch. He is survived by his sons, Jiva, Hari, and Gopinath. Thank you to all our supporters who have helped throughout the years by donating to make these animals lives happy and special.   -The Higher Taste Rescue Ranch-