Higher Taste is a 501 (c3) non-profit organization established in 1984. We do not receive any funding by the government or any private organizations. Our main mission at Higher Taste is maintaining our animal rescue ranch. Our horses, goats, bulls, and our latest addition a cow named Radha receive the best quality food and vet care. We would like to continue this care with your help. Please consider donating to our cause. With any donation of $5.00 or more to help cover shipping we will send you a vegetarian cook book including a spiritual healthcare package, containing keys to a healthy and successful life. For more info please contact us at lund_lynn@comcast.net.


“Do unto others…” 

This same instruction is present in all religious teachings. Psychological and emotional growth are essential to a progressive life, and all our thoughts and actions influence our character development. When someone adopts a vegetarian diet, it is much easier to remain peaceful, happy, productive, and concerned for others welfare. The law of karma insures that those who cause violence and suffering to other living beings must themselves experience equivalent violence and suffering, immediately or in the future. This is the motto that Higher taste lives by, and the reason we have our rescue ranch. Good actions are rewarded by good reactions.


If you are interested in helping our cause, please visit our Donate page or contact us now.


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